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[bunch_about_us video_img=”202623″ quot_text=”What is Alkaine Water?” text=”Water is hands down the #1 nutritional deficiency in the WORLD. Your body is 72% water and has the ability to replace itself every 16 days when your healthy.

If you are toxic and drink soda and sugar it can take 8-10 months to replace your water. It is the key ingredient in your blood and necessary to maintain the proper thickness. It is also what is used to filter all the toxins and free radicals out of your body.

Science has finally caught up with water filtration and can produce water that will actually help your body in many ways: alkaine water.

Alkaline water helps maintain a health pH in your body and can pull out toxins, insecticides and pesticides from our food. Alkaline water is also great to wash your fruits and veggies to prevent the chlorine from tap water entering your food.

Alkaline water has a Negative ORP (Oxidative Reductive Property) which means it won’t rust metal. Its is loaded with free hydrogen which is the strongest antioxidant in nature. Antioxidant water keeps you healthy! ” video_link=”https://vimeo.com/252259624″]How Can Alkaine Water Help You?[/bunch_about_us][bunch_services_3_col cat=”0″ sort=”date” order=”ASC” text_limit=”1″ num=”10″][bunch_news_and_articles cat=”0″ sort=”date” order=”DESC” title=”Recent News” btn_link=”http://www.thegoodnewsdr.com/news/” btn_text=”Read More” text_limit=”30″ num=”3″]