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Sleep Health

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What is Sleep Health?

The Good News on Sleep Health

62% of America needs sleep aids to sleep. Your body replaces 75% of all cells during the deep rem sleep hours. Here we will learn why sleep is critical to your well-being and all the natural tips you can do to have the best night sleep ever!

Restful Sleep

Solutions for Sleep Health

Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback is a form of Energy Medicine that creates remedies to balance functions and systems  in the body.


Provides a natural and non-invasive approach to supporting healthy brain function and the development of new brain tissue.  

Essential Oils

Made from plant life, essential oils have the ability to work synergistically with our bodies to support our physical, emotional and internal health in a myriad of ways.


Did you know that 30% of your body weight is toxins, bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals you’ve built up. Detoxification rids your body of these materials. 

Nutrition & Supplements

With proper nutrition and supplemental, we are able to provide our bodies with the vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs for optimal living.

Sleep Health News

Jan 31, 2018

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Jan 09, 2018

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Jan 08, 2018

Dr. Mark Featured in Conscious Life Journal

Dr. Mark featured in the January/February 2018 Issue of the Conscious Life Journal. Interviewed by Elise Vachon, Dr. Mark shares how he learn to heal from within and how he ...

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Dr. Mark Featured in Conscious Life Journal

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