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Heart Health

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[bunch_about_us quot_text=”What is Heart Health?” text=”Unfortunately, the first sign of heart disease 70% of the time is none other than sudden death!

Men and women are both subject to heart attacks. The importance of cardiovascular health is widely known. However there are many facts, tips and tools you may not know concerning the health of your heart.

Join us as we dive deep into understanding what we can do to make sure you never become a statistic about heart disease. ” video_img=”202597″ video_link=”https://vimeo.com/251731886″]The Good News on Heart Health[/bunch_about_us][bunch_services_3_col cat=”heart” sort=”date” order=”ASC” text_limit=”1″ num=”10″][bunch_people_choose_us cat=”services” sort=”date” order=”ASC” title=”Solutions for Heart Health” text_limit=”30″ num=”10″][bunch_news_and_articles cat=”heart” sort=”date” order=”DESC” title=”Heart Health News” btn_link=”http://www.thegoodnewsdr.com/news/” btn_text=”Read More” text_limit=”30″ num=”3″]

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